Monthly Archives: May 2014

Fun Friday: Get Outside


The weather in Kansas has been so nice lately, so I’ve been trying to find fun things to do outside! I’ve created a new list of fun things to do outside.

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Pinterest Thursdays: Ways to Decorate Children’s Rooms

It seems like there are so many websites dedicated to decorating children’s furniture, bedrooms, and clothes, but I wanted to create my own curated list so you can see some of my favorite Pinterest decorating ideas for kids.

Growth Chart

I love this vinyl growth chart. You don’t have to purchase this, because it can be easily done by applying your design to an adhesive design.

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WOW Wednesday: Getting Enough Sleep


I’ve been thinking about sleep a lot this week, probably because I haven’t gotten enough of it. If I had my way, I’d get nine hours of sleep every night. I like to joke with my friends, some of whom need less than 6 hours of sleep to properly function, that I am mean unless I get at least 8 hours.

But I seem to be an anomaly. Some of my friends “function” off of less than four hours of sleep because they are unable to fall asleep, so I wanted to talk about how to get more sleep.

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Recipe Tuesday: Jeff’s Extra Herby Focaccia Bread


My friends from Delaware came to visit me and as soon as I ate this focaccia bread, I knew I had to share it with you guys!

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Minimalist Monday: Getting Along With Your Roommates


I know that many of you probably share space with a roommate, so how can you find a balance between hanging out with your roommate and having enough space for yourself? Look at the list below to see some of the tips and tricks I’ve created over the many years of living with roommates.

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