Monthly Archives: September 2014

Recipe Tuesday: Healthy Garden Salad With Grilled Chicken

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Minimalist Monday: Cut it Out


This week, we should all try to be a little bit more mindful. Practice patience and a look at the list below for some more ideas on ways to be mindful.

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Travel Blog: Latvian Buildings

Ventspils has some really interesting architecture, so I thought I’d combine Thursday and Friday into one day where I show you a lot of the photos that I took of all of the houses and buildings. All of these houses are near the beach, but what is interesting is that you will see some pretty cute and quaint looking houses next to some Soviet-era looking buildings. In addition, I noticed that many of these houses have gardens, green houses, and tiny handmade sheds in the back. Some of these houses also double as stores, as you’ll see below.

image078 - Copy
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ASAP OTC, Finalist for best new product at Expo East

At The Natural Products Expo (Expo East), in Baltimore last week, our newest product, ASAP OTC Wound Dressing Gel, was a finalist for best new product in health and beauty products. It may not have won, but there is a lot of excitement around this new product.


Travel Blog: Jazz Concert

Today, there was a jazz concert on the square next to my house, so I walked down to check it out. Below you will see some photos from the event and some photos of people standing nearby.

This looked like a group of students, although it was hard to tell whether they were a school band or not. This jazz band played was great because they were full of energy.

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