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How to Get Over those February Blues


Yikes! It’s the third week of February already and I’m sure some of you are feeling it. You know what I’m talking about. The blues. The sad-that-you-just-can’t-shake. Maybe it’s a fleeting feeling; maybe you’ve had it all along. Now, I’m no doctor, so if you’re experiencing depression or debilitating sadness, you may want to go to a doctor. I’m hoping to help those who are experiencing the February blues.
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Why You Should Read More and What to Read

Happy February! I know you are all reading this post on a computer, but I think you should reconsider how you absorb information.

I teach college-level English and about once every five seconds, a student is texting or tweeting or snapping or Facebooking. It’s only a problem in my class because, when they are on their phones, they aren’t doing anything else. We’ve all heard that it’s just not possible to multitask—our brains weren’t made for that, but what I want to know is why are my students so addicted to their phones and how does this influence their reading ability?

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Once a week for the next couple months we will be posting a question that has been proposed to Keith Moeller, the vice-president here at American Biotech Labs.

We hope this can help answer any question our blog readers may have about American Biotech Labs or our products.
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How to Spend Less, Stay Happy, Keep Your Resolutions


Spending Less

I love talking about spending. I recently spent the weekend organizing my boyfriend’s spending—well, helping him organize his spending and finances. Now, don’t get me wrong—I’m not a financial professional and I don’t necessarily have all the answers, but I do think that when we think about our spending, we are able to spend less.

To ring in the new year, why don’t you make a spending plan? Well, first, you have to think of all of your expenses. Take out a sheet of paper and write down your monthly income. Then list all of your expenses.
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Oral Health brings General Health


Often when we think about brushing our teeth we are mainly thinking about having white teeth and fresh breath. However, having a clean mouth is more important than we realize. Continue reading