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Survive the Holidays, Save Money, and Feel Better: Tips for Living


Holidays are usually a time of cheer and general happiness, but what if you are feeling like Scrooge? Here are some tips to help you get through.

Lower Your Expectations

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Wow Wednesday: DIY Rug Recipe

I know that it’s not Tuesday, but I thought you guys might want a recipe for a rug! It’s not edible, but it will look delicious on your floor. This “recipe” is modified from the Pinterest link below.


• Old T-shirts
• Scissors


To make a T-shirt rag rug, all you have to do is cut your T-shirt into thin strips. Then, follow the instructions on the Pinterest photo. When you create a DIY rag rug, you are essentially crocheting your own rug. Once you have the technique down, you can make a bedspread, a pot holder, and even a decoration for your wall.

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Fun Friday: DIY Round Up

Vintage Book Lamp

This has been a week of cool DIYs. We looked at envelopes and scrapbooks, but now I want to talk a little bit about making lamps! Lamps are really easy to make and, because they can get expensive, you can save money by making them at home.

To make a lamp at home, you first want to make sure that you purchase the correct cords. Any lighting or hardware store should sell a lamp kit. If you want to be really proactive, you can wire the cord yourself, but I like to stick to pre-wired goods.

Once you buy your lamp kit, you can start thinking about what to form your lamp out of. Below, I give you some ideas!
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Wow Wednesday: Making Envelopes

Making envelopes is sort of my thing. I wouldn’t say I am an expert in it, but I seriously enjoying finding paper, and folding, gluing, and mailing off my envelopes. I want to give a little lesson on how to make envelopes via Pinterest.

When you make your own envelopes, you have to follow the same guidelines that regulation envelopes have. If your envelopes aren’t the right size, they will be returned by the post office. To save yourself the shame of sending the wrong size, look at some of the printables below.

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Fun Friday: Fall Flowers

Spring is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plant a beautiful garden. Look at the list below for some fall gardening tips.

Choose Fall Vegetables

This tip might be the most obvious, but if you are growing a garden in the fall, you want to make sure your vegetables can handle fall weather. Some fall vegetables are listed below.
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