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Minimalist Monday: Take A Bus

When I was younger, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, who always had the strangest things to say. Whenever we would do something bad or say something odd (“Hey Grandma, have you ever thought about skydiving), she would chuckle and say, “Oh! Take a bus.”

I’d like to propose that this idea is one that might help you calm down, get some exercise, and see something new. Instead of taking a bus, you should become a bus. Now, don’t go ahead and attach tires to your legs, but do get outside and start exercising! Become the person that you’ve always wanted to be. There’s no better time than now.
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Minimalist Monday: How to Start Exercising

CLB-6 Marines, sailors enjoy food and fun during field meet

When I first started exercising, I was enthusiastic about it. I pushed myself really hard every day. I woke up at 5 a.m. so that I could exercise at 6. For a few months, this worked. After a while, it stopped working. Recently, I’ve been getting back on track and trying to exercise a few times a week. I realize that it is better to workout by doing something I like than to push myself doing something I hate.

Look at the list below for some tips and tricks on how to get started.

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Minimalist Monday: Memorize Something


I have been half forced to memorize a poem by John Keats. I am taking a tutorial with a visiting poet at my university and, well, he wants us to memorize a poem. I went through many different feelings about this, the first being “What? Really? Aw, come on!” And then latter feelings went more like “Well, I guess it might be kind of fun.” So I wanted to compile a list of reasons why memorizing poems might help you later in life.

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Wow Wednesday: More Workouts: Ten Minute yoga


You can never go wrong with 10-minute workouts. I’ve created a list of fun and (relatively) easy 10-minute workouts that can be done nearly anywhere.

Ten-Minute Yoga

For a fast and easy ten minute yoga workout, look at the poses below.
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Wow Wednesday: Even More Easy Workouts


I love to focus on easy workouts because I dislike having to think a lot about working out. I have talked about easy workouts before, and I want to add some more workouts to the list. This time, I wanted to incorporate weights.

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