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Survive the Holidays, Save Money, and Feel Better: Tips for Living


Holidays are usually a time of cheer and general happiness, but what if you are feeling like Scrooge? Here are some tips to help you get through.

Lower Your Expectations

When we don’t have any expectations, we can’t get let down. I guess that sounds a bit pessimistic, but Continue reading

Minimalist Monday: Live Without A T.V.


How long do you guys watch T.V.? I feel like T.V. is sometimes fun (like when there is a big event on T.V. and everyone can get together and watch, or when there is a particular show that you want to watch), but much like my thoughts on video and computer games, it is mostly a waste of time.

Okay, don’t get me wrong. When I’m home alone, I like to leave the T.V. on for some background noise. Sometimes, when I’m writing these blogs, a cooking show is on in the background. That’s probably all fine and good, but I’d like to suggest a week where you watch no T.V. As in, unplug that clunky thing and see what you can see.

The first step to living with no T.V. is, of course, turning the T.V. off. I suggest that you unplug it and cover it with a blanket. That way, you can make sure that it you are not tempted to watch it. Then, look at the list below for ideas of things to do without your T.V.

Make Something

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Wow Wednesday: More Advice From My Grandma


All good things come around again, and today, I’d like to give you more advice from my grandma. To read her previous advice then click here. As you know, she is a 96-year-old fireball of a woman who is kicking butt and taking names in her upstate New York home. Here is a list of new advice that my grandma has given me.

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Fun Friday: 4 Ways to Preserve Photos


I love taking photos, but gone are the days of getting photos processed. With an increasing reliance on digital technology, how can we preserve and share our photos?

Look at the list below for some ideas on how to preserve your precious memories. Before you begin storing, you will have to collect all of your old photos. This may be difficult because, if you’re like me, you have 700 photos in your bedroom, two boxes in the basement, random photos in drawers, and a few stragglers under your bed. It’s a great idea to collect all of them and then set them up. Similarly, if all of your photos are digitized, you should go through and prioritize which ones you want to print, which, if any, you want to delete, and which ones you want to blow up and frame in poster size or larger.

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Fun Friday: Carnival or Theme Park Friday


Going to the theme park can be so much fun, but it can be super expensive. Instead of spending tons of money on the theme park, why not create one in your backyard? Look at the list below for fun “theme park” ideas that you can do at home.

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