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Minimalist Monday: Don’t Worry About It

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You hear people say it all the time: Don’t worry about it! It’ll work itself out. Or Don’t worry about it; it’s not a big deal. But how can you really not worry about it? I’ve created a little list to help you navigate how to stop worrying.

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Minimalist Monday: 4 Guided Meditation Types You Should Try


I know that a lot of people have never tried meditation, so I wanted to give a little overview of my favorite Youtube videos with guided meditations. Sometimes it can be really hard to get in the mood to meditate, but really there is no right “mood.” You just have to sit down and do it. That’s all there is. Or really, you are supposed to sit down and undo it. It being all of the stress and anxiety that has built up inside of you.
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Fun Friday: Read A Book

As the weather gets warmer, you should take a step back and soak up the sun—while reading! I have created a list of some books that might be fun to read.


Rilke’s Duino Elegies

Rilke’s Duino Elegies are beautiful. I may have said this before, but there is no poet that I’ve heard quoted as much as Rilke. Continue reading

Minimalist Monday: Four Steps to Help You Reach Your Goals

It’s difficult to get motivated and stay motivated. I struggle with motivation all the time. For a while, I was trying to workout six days a week. And, for a while, I did that. But then I got sick, or there was a holiday, or my friend wanted to go out for drinks, and then I stopped working out. So how do you get back on track? Look at the tips below and feel free to add any to the comments.

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Inspiration Friday: Ekphrastic


Have you guys ever written a poem or story based on artwork? Look at the video and text below to figure out how to write your own ekphrastic poem or story.

This TED talk by Tracy Chevalier is about “Finding the Story Inside the Painting.” She talks about how, when she is at a museum, she experiences “gallery fatigue,” so instead of getting inside the painting, she is inside her head. Instead of worrying about staring at every single painting, she says it is more important to spend your time being selective about the work you look at.
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