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Wow Wednesday: Benefits of Hot Cereal


I know… it’s weird that I can’t stop talking about hot cereal. When I first heard the term, I was thinking porridge? Oatmeal? I wasn’t entirely sure what hot cereal was, but I knew that a lot of elderly people loved it. So what the heck is it hot cereal?

As we looked at a few weeks ago, hot cereal is a blend of whole grain oats and nuts that you pour into hot water or milk and then you mix with chocolate chips (I do, at least). Anyway, I’ve been raving to my friends about it, which sounds kind of weird: (You have got to try this hot cereal thing! It’s delicious). It sounds odd, but I promise that it’s delicious, it’s warm, and it has health benefits!

Look at the list below for some of the health benefits that come with hot cereal.

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Recipe Tuesday: Healthy Hot Cereal


I just recently started eating hot cereal. It wasn’t a huge bridge to cross considering I had already been eating oats, but it changed my life. Seriously. Ever since I started eating hot cereal, I’ve felt healthier, been more energized, and been able to stay focused longer. So what exactly is hot cereal?

Basically hot cereal can be any mix of grains that you cook with milk or water to make an oatmeal-like dish. You can exchange any of these ingredients for whatever you have on hand, but here is the ingredient list for the hot cereal that I ate today.

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Recipe Tuesday: Ahi Tuna with Yellow Rice and Edamame

For this simple Tuesday meal, I decided to pair pan-seared Ahi tuna with yellow rice and edamame. This is really easy to make and it tastes delicious. (It’s also super healthy!)

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Recipe Tuesday: Homemade Gluten Free Pizza

I absolutely love pizza. I love pizza for breakfast, for lunch, or for dinner. I have created this pizza recipe by mixing various recipes together. The fun thing about making pizza is that you can use whatever you have. If you have leftover mac and cheese, why not put it on top? No onions? Use shallots. No shallots? Forget them! This pizza recipe is really easy to make and costs a lot less than regular pizza.

I am including the toppings for the pizza I made, but you can mix and match based on whatever you want.


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Recipe Tuesday: Scarola e Fagioli

Endives and beans is a dish that my grandmother used to make for my family all of the time. It is delicious, easy to make, and goes well with everything. I served mine with easy-to-make mac and cheese.


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