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How to Spend Less, Stay Happy, Keep Your Resolutions


Spending Less

I love talking about spending. I recently spent the weekend organizing my boyfriend’s spending—well, helping him organize his spending and finances. Now, don’t get me wrong—I’m not a financial professional and I don’t necessarily have all the answers, but I do think that when we think about our spending, we are able to spend less.

To ring in the new year, why don’t you make a spending plan? Well, first, you have to think of all of your expenses. Take out a sheet of paper and write down your monthly income. Then list all of your expenses.
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Setting Goals, Getting Fit, Staying Warm


Goal setting can be difficult, but even if we don’t keep our goals, they can still help us stay focused. To prepare for your resolutions, take a look at some ways to create and stick to your goals.

Choose a goal that matters. Don’t choose randomly. Choosing a goal will take time. You may need to contemplate your goals for a while. One way to do this is to first create a list of issues in your life. What are you hoping for? What have you been meaning to do but haven’t been able to? What types of things do you attempt each year? Write these down and then spend some time reflecting on each of them. After a week or two, choose the one goal that you want to work with. Make sure your goal is realistic (i.e. “only eat dessert on Friday” instead of “lose 50 pounds”).
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Pinterest Thursday: Money Busting

Because I’ve been talking about saving money this week, I wanted my Pinterest post to focus around that as well. Here are some awesome Pinterest posts that will help you save some money!

Make Yogurt

Now, yogurt isn’t a huge expense, but if you can learn to make it from home, you’ll save a bit of money. In addition, eating a healthy breakfast like a yogurt parfait can save you money by preventing you from eating out later. It is a win-win situation!

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Pinterest Thursday: Scrapbooking

Who doesn’t love a good scrapbook? I am always on the lookout for unique and interesting ways to display my photos, so here are some Pinterest ideas that I love.


This may be the last idea that you’ll need, but it is a good way to stay organized. Look at this scrapbook storage idea to see if you can save some space.

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Wow Wednesday: Making Envelopes

Making envelopes is sort of my thing. I wouldn’t say I am an expert in it, but I seriously enjoying finding paper, and folding, gluing, and mailing off my envelopes. I want to give a little lesson on how to make envelopes via Pinterest.

When you make your own envelopes, you have to follow the same guidelines that regulation envelopes have. If your envelopes aren’t the right size, they will be returned by the post office. To save yourself the shame of sending the wrong size, look at some of the printables below.

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