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Travel Blog: Jazz Concert

Today, there was a jazz concert on the square next to my house, so I walked down to check it out. Below you will see some photos from the event and some photos of people standing nearby.

This looked like a group of students, although it was hard to tell whether they were a school band or not. This jazz band played was great because they were full of energy.

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Travel Blog: At the Outdoor Exercise Center

Ventspils is full of cool outdoor exercise facilities. The really interesting thing about the exercise machines I am going to show you is that you use your own body weight to exercise!


The picture you see here is of an arm exercise machine. To make it work, you sit on the chair and reach up until you grab the beige handles. Then you simply pull the handles down towards your body, and your seat will lift up. This is awesome because you are only lifting your own body weight—you don’t have to worry about setting the right weight and worry about getting an injury!


In this photo, you can see the rest of the exercise park. In the foreground, you can see a machine that is sort of like an elliptical. Behind that, you will see another machine that is used for exercising your legs. Behind that, you will see two objects that look like wheels—that machine is supposed to work out your back. To use it, you stand in front of the wheels, hold the handles, and make large circles with the wheels. I did this for about ten minutes and don’t really think it worked.


This is a great little piece of workout equipment. To use this one, you stand on the edge, grab ahold of the handles and then, once your feet are off the ground, you lower your arms until they are at a 90-degree angle with the ground, and then you push them back up. This arm exercise is really difficult—I could only complete about four repetitions.  

Travel Blog: At the Park

Once you get near the exercise park, you’ll see some colorful fish/flower pots:


Then you will see this strange sculpture. I’m not entirely sure what this is, but it looks like it is in the shape of a person. A really interesting thing about Ventspils is that it is full of people-shaped objects. For example, there are many shrubs and bushes that are cut into the shape of people! It’s adorable


Below you will see a picture of the pond that is right near the exercise center. Every time I pass by, it is full of ducks!


Travel Blog: On the River

I woke up today and I thought that it would be really nice to exercise. I’ll show you all of my exercise photos on Friday, but first I want to share some of the strange and interesting sights that I saw on my way to the park.

To get to the park, you have to walk by the river. Here are some shots of the river and the surrounding area:
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Travel Blog: Leaving Riga

One way to get from Riga to Ventspils is to take a 3-hour bus to Ventspils. The bus I took was pretty large—it seated fifty people. So I got on the bus and found a comfy window seat.
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