Q&A With Keith Moeller: Is It Safe?


Once a week for the next couple months we will be posting a question that has been proposed to Keith Moeller, the vice-president here at American Biotech Labs.

We hope this can help answer any question our blog readers may have about American Biotech Labs or our products. This is week three of the Q&A series.


Is it safe, can it be taken every day, and is there an ideal time to take it? What dosages are recommended?


We have more than 20 safety studies including cytotoxicity studies (does not harm human cells), Human ingestion studies (shows that when you drink it, it hits its high mark in the blood stream in about two hours and gets washed out of the body in about 24 hours), skin sensitivity studies (it has no negative reaction on the skin), three different probiotic studies (shows that it has no negative impact on the good bacteria that your body needs to help with digestion and to protect your cells etc.) LD-50 tests (shows that even at very high dosage levels it had no negative impact on the body.)
Most people use only about 2-3 teaspoons daily to help them keep healthy, but human studies showed that even at levels four times that high, there was no negative reaction in four months of daily use.