Once a week for the next couple months we will be posting a question that has been proposed to Keith Moeller, the vice-president here at American Biotech Labs.

We hope this can help answer any question our blog readers may have about American Biotech Labs or our products. This is week two of the Q&A series.


What makes your silver different from the others that are being sold out there today?


1) The only silver supplement product so new and innovative that it was awarded many new patents by the US Government. The only one of its kind on the market.
2) Backed by more than 300 scientific studies and reports by more than 60 different Universities, Government and Military labs, Independent private labs etc. With numerous peer reviewed and published medical studies and reports.
3) Even though we are the top product and we are backed by millions of dollars in research, we have always made it a policy to price our products, so that families could afford to buy them. We are one of the lowest priced products on the market.
4) Thousands of individual scientific tests.